Cuyahoga Valley National Park-Lower Cuyahoga River Important Bird Area

Cuyahoga Valley National Park-Lower Cuyahoga River
Important Bird Area

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Bedford Reservation--Astorhurst Park
Bedford Reservation--Bike and Hike Trail, Sagamore Creek
Bedford Reservation--Bridal Veil Falls
Bedford Reservation--Circle Emerald Field, Button Rd.
Bedford Reservation--Egbert Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Forbes Woods Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Hemlock Creek Picnic Area
Bedford Reservation--Little Overlook
Bedford Reservation--Tinkers Creek Gorge Overlook
Bedford Reservation--Viaduct Park
Bedford Reservation--Willis Picnic Area
Brecksville Reservation
Brecksville Reservation--Buckeye Trail, Ottawa Point Picnic Area to Snowville Rd.
Brecksville Reservation--Chippewa Ford
Brecksville Reservation--Gazebo Field
Brecksville Reservation--Meadows
Brecksville Reservation--Nature Center
Brecksville Reservation--Oak Grove, Plateau, My Mountain
Brecksville Reservation--Stables
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Brookside Rd. Marsh
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Canal Exploration Center
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Frazee House Towpath Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Sanitation (Fawn) Pond
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Parking Area (train tracks closed to entry)
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Terra Vista Nature Study Area

Brust Park
Cascade Locks Park
Cascade Valley Metro Park
Cascade Valley Metro Park--Schumacher Trail
Cascade Valley Metro Park--Valley View Area
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Armington Pond
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Bath Rd.
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Blue Hen Falls Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Run Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Boston Store Towpath
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Brandywine Falls
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Buckeye Trail, Jaite to Blue Hen
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Coliseum Grasslands
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Everett Rd. Covered Bridge Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Hale Farm and Howe Meadow
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Horseshoe Pond and Tree Farm
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Hunt Farm
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Indigo Lake
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ira Rd. Beaver Marsh
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ledges Trail and Octagon Shelter
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Oak Hill Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Ohio Turnpike Bridge
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Peninsula and Towpath Trail Lock 29
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Pine Hollow Trailhead
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Pine Ln. Trailhead
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Redlock North
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Salt Run Trail
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Station Rd. Towpath Trail (Summit Co.)
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Virginia Kendall Lake and Trails
Cuyahoga Valley NP--West Hines Hill Rd. Wetlands and Meadow
Cuyahoga Valley NP--Wetmore Trails
Deep Lock Quarry Metro Park
Gorge Metro Park
Hampton Hills Metro Park
Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area
O'Neil Woods Metro Park
Sand Run Metro Park
Sand Run Metro Park--Big Bend Trailhead
Sand Run Metro Park--N. Hawkins Ave. Entrance
Seiberling Nature Realm

About Cuyahoga Valley National Park-Lower Cuyahoga River Important Bird Area

Stretching from the city of Akron downstream to the mouth of the Cuyahoga River, this IBA is dominated by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP) for much of its extent. The CVNP is the largest permanent undeveloped area remaining along the 22 miles between Cleveland and Akron and provides recreational needs for an urban population of about four million people in the immediate vicinity. It preserves scenic, natural and historical settings of the Cuyahoga River Valley. Forest areas are characterized by isolated woodlands of varying sizes. A mixture of hemlocks and hardwood species is found on some steeper slopes. Glacial kames, terraces, and beaver-modified wetlands are found in the valley. It is located in the glaciated part of the Allegheny Plateau and encompasses a string of Metroparks along the lower Cuyahoga floodplain plus a number of major tributaries. Two Cleveland Metroparks reservations and three Metroparks of the Summit County park system are within the boundaries of the CVNP, but they are owned and managed by the respective Metroparks.

This combination of upland forest, ravine, slope, succession, edge and wetland habitat provides for a large diversity of breeding bird species including populations of Cerulean Warbler, Hooded Warbler, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Wood Thrush, and Scarlet Tanager. It is also demonstrably an important spring and fall migratory stopover region for land birds.

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