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This website collects tips for birding from local birders and descriptions and maps of eBird hotspots from eBird and other websites. In eBird, hotspots are shared locations where birders may report their bird sightings to eBird. Hotspots provide birders with information about birding locations where birds are being seen.

eBirdeBird is a real-time, online checklist program that has revolutionized the way that the birding community reports and accesses information about birds. Jointly sponsored by the Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell University and the National Audubon Society, eBird provides rich data sources for basic information on bird abundance and distribution.

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+ Record the birds you see
+ Keep track of your bird lists
+ Explore dynamic maps and graphs
+ Share your sightings and join the eBird community
+ Contribute to science and conservation

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