Cleveland Lakefront Important Bird Area

Cleveland Lakefront
Important Bird Area

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Bradstreets Landing
Burke Lakefront Airport
Burke Lakefront Airport--Hill Watch
Cahoon Park
Cleveland Harbor
Cleveland Harbor Breakwall
Cleveland Lakefront Nature Preserve
Cleveland Public Power
Columbia Park
East Ninth Street Pier
Euclid Creek Reservation--Euclid Beach Park
Euclid Creek Reservation--Glenridge Loop
Euclid Creek Reservation--Highland Picnic Area
Euclid Creek Reservation--Quarry Picnic Area
Euclid Creek Reservation--Upper Highland Trail
Euclid Creek Reservation--Villa Angela
Euclid Creek Reservation--Wildwood Park
Euclid Creek Reservation--Wildwood Stream and Wetland Restoration
Euclid Park
Huntington Reservation
Lakefront Reservation--East 55th St. Marina
Lakefront Reservation--East 72nd St.
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Marina
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park Fishing Pier
Lakefront Reservation--Edgewater Park Perkins Beach Overlook
Lakefront Reservation--Gordon Park
Lakefront Reservation--Heritage Park
Lakefront Reservation--Scranton Road Peninsula
Lakewood Park
North Coast Harbor
Rocky River Park
Rose Point, Kensington Oval Overlook
Sims Park
Wendy Park, Whiskey Island
White City Park (closed)
Willard Park

Avon Lake Veterans Memorial Park
Miller Road Park, Avon Lake Power Plant
Miller Road Park--Jetty

About Cleveland Lakefront Important Bird Area

This IBA spans Lake Erie near-shore waters and shoreline from Avon Lake on the west to Euclid on the east-includes Avon Lake Power Plant, dredge-spoil impoundments, airport grassland, Huntington Beach, Lakewood Park, Clifton Beach, Edgewater Park, Whiskey Island, Cuyahoga River mouth, Burke Airport, Wildwood Park, and Sims Park. While most of the shoreline is artificial, the real attraction is the fish population attracted to the mixing of waters from the Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie and the warm-water outflows from power plants.

100 years of records exist in the literature of ‘The Cleveland Bird Calendar’. This shoreline (nearest 1 mile) affords waterfowl visiting the south shore of Lake Erie a major resting area in migration and winter. No other segment of the south shore compares in waterfowl diversity.

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