Cahoon Park

About this Location

Cahoon Memorial Park is approximately 116 acres of mixed-use parkland located in the center of Bay Village between Dover Center and the MetroParks, and Wolf Road and Lake Erie. The park is divided by trees and Cahoon Creek with the east and west sides each offering different amenities. This section of Cahoon Memorial Park is located between Dover Center Road and Cahoon Road and Wolf Road and Lake Erie, it is the hub of active recreation within the city. The Aquatic Center, Play-n-Bay Playground, and baseball fields are located here, making it a popular destination; especially during the summer months.

Cahoon Memorial Park in Bay Village is bounded by Lake Erie, Wolf Road, Dover Center Road, and Huntington Reservation to the north, south, east, and west, respectively. Lake Road (US-6) runs in an east-west direction through the park.

The Cahoon Creek divides the 116-acre park into distinct West and East sections. The western section is known as the “Cahoon” side and the eastern section is known as the “Dover” side. Both sides offer different amenities.

The park’s West/Cahoon side includes a one-half-mile paved exercise trail that follows the 40-foot bluff. Picnic tables and benches also overlook Lake Erie. A fence lining the top of the bluff prohibits access to the shore. South of Lake Road, the park features soccer fields, open green space, a skate park, a gazebo, the Rose Hill Museum, and the historic Community House. A disc golf course was added in 2013. The course straddles both sides of Cahoon Creek.

The East/Dover side of Cahoon Memorial Park includes picnic tables and benches that overlook the lake. Similar to the west side of the park, a fence prohibits direct access to the shore. The Bay Boat Club, a public facility that provides small-boat lake access to Bay Village boat-owning residents only, is accessible from the east side. The boat club, which is located on park grounds at the Cahoon Creek mouth, separates the west and east side accesses. South of Lake Road, the East/Dover side features many active-use recreational activities, including baseball fields, basketball and tennis courts, playground equipment, a swimming pool with waterslides, and a sand volleyball court.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

  • Roadside viewing

Content from Official Website and Lake Erie Public Access Guide