Cuyahoga River-Upper Important Bird Area

Cuyahoga River-Upper
Important Bird Area

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Burton Wetlands
Burton Wetlands--Kettle Trail
Eldon Russell Park
Headwaters Park
Headwaters Park--Entrance Parking Lot
Headwaters Park--North Entrance and Buckeye Trail
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Aquilla Rd.
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Bartholomew Rd. Ponds
LaDue Public Hunting Area--OH-700
LaDue Public Hunting Area--Rapids Rd.
LaDue Reservoir
LaDue Reservoir--Auburn Rd.
LaDue Reservoir--Boathouse
LaDue Reservoir--OH-44 Boat Ramp
LaDue Reservoir--South
Lucia S. Nash Preserve
Maple Highlands Trail--Burton-Windsor Rd. to Tare Creek Rd.
Maple Highlands Trail--Headwaters Park to Burton-Windsor Rd.
Maple Highlands Trail--Headwaters Park to OH-608
Maple Highlands Trail--Ravenna Rd. Trailhead
Maple Highlands Trail--Tare Creek Rd. to OH-528
Punderson SP
Punderson SP--Stump Lake
Upper Cuyahoga River--Horwaths Landing

Lake Pippen
Marsh Wetlands State Nature Preserve
Rotary Glacial Esker Trail
Standing Rock Cemetery
Towners Woods Park
Triangle Lake Bog State Nature Preserve

About Cuyahoga River-Upper Important Bird Area

The upper Cuyahoga River extends along a portion designated by Ohio as a State Scenic River. The IBA includes the corridor of the Cuyahoga River including Burton Wetlands, Punderson Lake District, Eldon Russell Park, LaDue Reservoir (dammed portion of Bridge Creek), and Alban Wildlife Area. In the upper reaches, the river is narrow and undeveloped along the flat, low, and swampy shore dominated by willow, sycamore, elm, and buttonbush. Below the Hiram Rapids the river changes in character, with steep sections where hillsides are dominated by beech-maple forests with components of ash, oak, and hickory. Historically, effects by two glaciers have provided the source for a constant gentle current.

High density of Prothonotary Warblers and Veeries; LaDue is a good spring and fall waterfowl site, also good for transient Tundra Swans.

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