LaDue Reservoir--Auburn Rd.

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Auburn Road crosses the shallower western end of LaDue Reservoir. Limited pull-off parking is available on either side of the road just south of the reservoir. There is also a small boat launch here where kayaks and canoes can be put in. A large section of the reservoir can be seen with a spotting scope from the area around the causeway, and parts of the shoreline are accessible by walking on un-maintained trails.

In early spring, this is an excellent spot for waterfowl migration. Good numbers of Gadwall, American Wigeon, Northern Pintail, and other dabbling ducks can be found, as well as divers such as Ring-necked Duck, Common Goldeneye, and all three regular Merganser species. Eurasian Wigeon has been found here in the past. The habitat along the shoreline and around the parking areas can also be productive during songbird migration and good numbers and a variety of warblers can be found. Osprey and Bald Eagles nest in the area.

In late summer and fall, this shallow section of the reservoir may be drawn down, exposing extensive, weedy mudflats and the old creek channel on the west side of the road. This can provide some of Geauga County’s best shorebird habitats. Species such as Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs, Least and Pectoral Sandpiper are possible, as well as Wilson’s Snipe, Dunlin, and American Pipit. Migrating swallow species also congregate here, with Tree and Barn Swallows being the most numerous. A spotting scope is highly recommended for viewing shorebirds, as is visiting in the morning to avoid looking into the sun. Great views are available right from the causeway. This area is a popular duck hunting location, so it’s good to check hunting seasons before heading here in late fall and winter.

About LaDue Reservoir

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LaDue Reservoir lies in southern Geauga County approximately 30 miles east of Cleveland, at the intersection of US-422 and OH-44. OH-44 lies along the west side of the reservoir and US-422 crosses the reservoir.

LaDue Reservoir was constructed in 1963 on a tributary of the Cuyahoga River to provide additional water supply to Akron. The Division of Wildlife began managing the fish populations in the reservoir in 1983, under an agreement with the city of Akron. The reservoir is situated in an area of glacial deposits characterized by numerous kames and small relict glacial lakes and ponds. Ground cover in the surrounding area includes marshy, wooded, and meadow areas. The lake bed retains the humps of the surrounding land. Aquatic vegetation is scarce and consists mainly of milfoil and curly pondweed.


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Content from Scott Huge, Ohio Ornithological Society, and Matt Valencic