Focus on Cuyahoga River Winter Birding

Since the cold snap has caused Lake Erie to start icing up over the last couple of days, I’ve had a lot of requests as to where to go to view gulls (and other birds) along the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland so I put together this little map.

I check all of these spots regularly, and only since the lake has started icing up have these places heated up! I had eight species of gulls at the Shooters on the Water location just yesterday, and things will only get better with more ice on the lake.

As with the weather itself, ice conditions on the river change and the trick is to find which one of these spots has the best combination of ice and open water to attract the birds. It’s always hit and miss, but there’s always a “hot spot!”

Good luck, and good birding!
From Chuck Slusarczyk, Jr.

Cuyahoga County
Jefferson Ave. Dead End
Lakefront Reservation--Heritage Park
Lakefront Reservation--Scranton Road Peninsula
Rivergate Park, Merwin Ave.
Shooters on the Water
Wendy Park, Whiskey Island