Sandusky River Important Bird Area

Sandusky River
Important Bird Area

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Aumiller Park
Lowe-Volk Park
Sears Woods State Nature Preserve

Chudzinski-Johannsen Park
Fremont Reservoir
Fremont Water Filtration Output
Portage Trail Park
Sandusky River @ West Hurdic Rd.
Swartzlander-Rotary Park
Walsh Park, Fremont
Wightman's Grove Riverfront, Sandusky River
Wolf Creek Park
Wolf Creek Park--Sandusky Scenic River Access

Clinton Nature Preserve
Collier State Nature Preserve
Hecks Bridge Scenic River Access
Junior Home Memorial Park
Schekelhoff Park
Steyer Nature Preserve
Tiffin Water Treatment Plant

Harrison Smith Park, Upper Sandusky
Indian Mill Park
National Lime and Stone Quarry (view from roadside only)
Stepping Stones Park
Upper Sandusky Bike Trail--Riparian Corridor
Upper Sandusky Reservoir #1
Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2

About Sandusky River Important Bird Area

This IBA extends along the Sandusky River riparian corridor from Upper Sandusky north to Fremont, the entire river flowing 130 miles from its source in Crawford County to the Muddy Creek and Sandusky Bay. It is designated a State Scenic River and is the largest, cleanest riverine system in Northwest Ohio, with many scenic exposed dolomite and limestone outcroppings. The southern two-thirds is relatively flat, characterized by broken ridges (glacial end moraines) ranging from 10 to 50 feet in height. The northern one-third is flat to gently rolling, comprising remnants of the shorelines of ancient glacial lakes.The river corridor is an important flyway for huge numbers of waterfowl heading for Sandusky Bay. It is notable for its concentration of nesting and wintering Bald Eagles. Kirtland’s Warbler has been recorded in spring migration and large numbers of migrant land birds use the corridor.

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