Caldwell Nature Preserve

Caldwell Nature Preserve

430 West North Bend Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45216

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About this Location

A mix of old-growth forest and newer plantings, Caldwell Nature Preserve is home to a variety of wildlife including reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. It also features a Nature Center, an amphitheater, and 3.5 miles of nature trails, including a level, paved trail that makes it possible for wheelchair users to go into the woods, see the flowers, and hear the birds.

The  hotspot for the former Hartwell Golf Club is located nearby.

Notable Trails

Caldwell Nature Preserve Trails
This is a hidden gem that offers a 2.7-mile loop trail through natural areas with mature walnut, oak, and beech trees. Pass over bridges and through gorges as you follow the trail on the ridges formed long ago by the Mill Creek Watershed. There is also a level paved trail that is handicap accessible and plenty of wildlife to be seen.

Park at the nature center. There are no specific trails in Caldwell Nature Preserve, but rather a network of trails going all over the park. The trail system will take you through mixtures of Old Growth forest and recently planted trees and through small stream valleys.

Accessible parking and trails.

No restroom facilities.

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