Miller Road Park

Lorain, Ohio, US


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Miller Road Park

33760 Lake Road Avon Lake, Ohio 44012

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Tips for Birding

Miller Road Park comprises 14.7 acres of mowed grass and mature trees, a boat launch area, a hooked breakwall, and a concrete fishing pier. There are gazebos with picnic tables and some paved walkways. The park sits on a bluff overlooking the lake, and a four-foot high chain-link fence runs the length of the top of the bluff.

This location can be extraordinarily cold; wear your best gear in winter. Winds may leave the pier cloaked in ice, and ice on the ground in the park can be dangerous footing. Under certain conditions mist rising from the warm water will make viewing difficult, but at least the sun is always at one’s back on the bluff during the colder months. Glare can be a problem on one side or another when viewing from the pier on sunny days. People going fishing, or even surfing, often use ‘unofficial’ entries to the beach, which is usually marked “No Trespassing,” to get to the outflow area, and spook gulls along the way, but the birds generally return after an interval.

Do not stray too close to the edge of the bluff and be wary of ice on the pier.

Birds of Interest

This site reliably attracts significant numbers of gulls and waterfowl November through March, drawn here by the warm-water outflow from the power plant, which emerges in a channel bordered by breakwalls and then plumes west, where it is easily visible from the park. The northeast corner of the park, a short distance from the recommended parking area, is a good vantage point for studying gull roosts on the beach, the breakwalls, or the ice, and gulls and waterfowl in the water. When you are done there, bird west along the fence to a gate that allows access to the fishing pier, which offers other vistas. Current water levels have opened a narrow sand beach, accessible from the bluff; it is often counterproductive to go down to the beach to look at birds, as your approach causes them to withdraw.

Many of the gull species on the state list have been recorded here. Particularly noteworthy are the gatherings of the larger species during the coldest part of the winter, when Great and Lesser Black-backed Gulls, the “white-winged “ species such as Glaucous, Iceland, and Thayer’s Gulls, and the occasional rarity are most likely. Gatherings of diving ducks can be spectacular at this period as well. Snowy Owls sometimes hold vigils on the breakwalls, and jaegers show up from time to time. The spot is not worthwhile for passerines or shorebirds.

On first arriving, approach the lip of the bluff carefully, to avoid alarming birds that may be just below. Getting a good angle on all the birds may require choosing a spot with care, and adjusting the tripod to see over or through the fence. It may not always pay to walk to the very end of the pier, as birds in the water will often retreat as you advance.

Similar species may be present in early spring and late fall.

About this Location

The 15.6-acre Miller Road Park is located on Lake Road (US-6) at the northern terminus of Miller Road in Avon Lake.

The park features a two-lane boat launch (accessible 24 hours), a 400-foot concrete-paved fishing pier, handicapped-accessible swimming beach, picnic tables and pavilion, paved walking paths, a gazebo, and playground equipment. The beach is accessible near the foot of the pier via a gently-sloped paved path. Signs posted show maps of the designated swimming and fishing areas.

Bald eagles and peregrine falcons are regularly seen at the park.

Miller Road Park is located on the Back Roads and Beaches Bike Trail, which follows US-6 in Lorain County. The Peter Miller House Museum is located on-site.


  • Restrooms on site

Content from Ohio Ornithological Society and Lake Erie Public Access Guide