Preble County Birding Drive

Birding Drives are routes for birding trips which can be accomplished in one day, stopping to walk and bird at various eBird hotspots. For each birding drive, a Google map is provided with the route and suggested stops at eBird hotspots. You may save the link to the Google map on your smartphone or tablet, or print a copy on paper to take with you. Links are provided with information about each eBird hotspot. Follow those links for more information about birding each location.

Preble County Birding Drive
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This Birding Drive explores eBird hotspots in Preble County. When you submit checklists here you help to add to the data about birds in this region of Ohio.

Hueston Woods SP--Lodge

College Corner, Ohio 45003

To reach Hueston Woods State Park Lodge and Conference Center from Oxford, take OH-732 and drive 5.1 miles. Turn left on Main Loop Road follow this for 1.6 miles. Turn left on Cabin Beach Road and then left onto Lodge Road. Arrive at Hueston State Park Lodge in 0.5 miles.

Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center is a spacious, comfortable retreat offering all the amenities of home. Located in an area rich in history and surrounded by natural splendor just 5 miles from Miami University. If you choose to mix business with pleasure, our beautiful scenic lake setting, elegant, functional meeting facilities and professional staff, Hueston Woods Lodge and Conference Center is the perfect place.

In the winter Turkey Vultures roost near the state park lodge and may be seen from the parking lot and from the windows in the restaurant.

Hueston Woods SP--Marina

College Corner, Ohio 45003

Hueston Woods SP--Acton Lake (Preble Co.)

College Corner, Ohio 45003

From the Lodge and Conference Center, return to Main Loop Road, turn left, and follow this road 2.9 miles to the Hueston Wood State Park Marina.

Main Loop Road will take you to the nature center and marina area. The nature center has two bird feeders during the winter months. The cattails by the group camp are good places to look for Swamp Sparrow from fall to spring. A Fox Sparrow could turn up in the same vicinity. The surrounding areas are good places to look for the field and water species.

There is a bird blind for observing birds on the lake in the marina area.

Woodland Trails Wildlife Area

Eaton, Ohio 45320

From the state park marina, turn right on Main Loop Road and drive 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Hedgerow Road and go 0.4 miles. Turn right onto Camden College Corner Road and drive 2.1 miles. Turn left onto OH-732 north and drive 3.6 miles. Turn right onto Pain Creek 4 Mile Road and go 3.1 miles. Turn right onto Camden Sugar Valley Road and then turn left onto Gasper Somers Road. Drive 0.7 miles and turn left on Tucker Road. The parking area for Woodland Trails Wildlife Area is .4 miles ahead on Tucker Road.

Woodland Trails Wildlife Area is located seven miles south of Eaton near the town of Camden. About two-thirds of the area is woods located mostly along the steep hillsides of Paint Creek. The remaining one-third of the area is open land consisting of mixtures of grasses and shrubs. Paint Creek is a small stream with a one-mile stretch located along the western boundary of the wildlife area.

A parking lot off Tucker Road has been constructed to provide easy access to the area.

Rush Run Wildlife Area

Camden, Ohio 45311

From Woodland Trails, head south on Tucker Road and follow Tucker Road for 1.6 miles. Turn left on Camden Sugar Valley Road and go 1 mile. Turn left on West Central Avenue, go .5 mile and turn right onto Free Short Pike and then continue straight ahead onto Camden West Elkton Road. Drive 3.3 miles and turn right on Wayne Trace Road. Go 1.2 miles and turn right onto Northern Road. Arrive at Rush Run Wildlife Area in 1.7 miles.

Approximately half the area is in woods, mostly on the steep hillsides of Rush Run Creek Valley. The remainder is divided equally between open land consisting of cropland and permanent meadow and reverting fields with a mixture of grass and shrubs. This type of cover occurs mostly on the gently rolling uplands.

Rush Run Creek is an intermittent stream, named for its rapid water flow. In a four-mile stretch, it descends 300 feet. A 54-acre lake is located on the headwaters of this stream.