Rocky River-East Branch Important Bird Area

Rocky River-East Branch
Important Bird Area

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Coe Lake
Mill Stream Run Reservation
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Albion Woods
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Baldwin Lake and Wallace Lake
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Bonnie Park Picnic Area
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Bridle Trail, West 130th St. to Edgerton Rd.
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Chalet
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Ranger Lake
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Red Trail
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Royalview Picnic Area
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Strongsville Wildlife Area
Mill Stream Run Reservation--Sugarbush Trail
Rocky River Mouth
Rocky River Reservation
Rocky River Reservation--Big Met Golf Course
Rocky River Reservation--Cedar Point Rd.
Rocky River Reservation--Guerin Rd.
Rocky River Reservation--Hogsback Ln. Parking Lot
Rocky River Reservation--Lagoon Picnic Area
Rocky River Reservation--Lewis Road Riding Ring
Rocky River Reservation--Little Met Wetlands
Rocky River Reservation--Mastick Woods Golf Course
Rocky River Reservation--Nature Center Feeders
Rocky River Reservation--Nature Center Trails
Rocky River Reservation--Rockcliff Dr.
Rocky River Reservation--Scenic Park Marina
Rocky River Reservation--South Mastick Picnic Area
Rocky River Reservation--Stinchcomb-Groth Memorial Overlook
Rocky River Reservation--Tyler Field
Rocky River Reservation--Valley Parkway Trail
Rocky River Reservation--Willow Bend Picnic Area

Hinckley Reservation
Hinckley Reservation--Brooklyn Exchange Cabin Trails
Hinckley Reservation--Buckeye Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Buzzard Roost
Hinckley Reservation--Gravel Loop
Hinckley Reservation--Hinckley Hills Loop
Hinckley Reservation--Hinckley Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Johnson Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--Judges Lake
Hinckley Reservation--Ledge Lake Bridle Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Ledge Lake Loop Trail
Hinckley Reservation--Redwing Cabin Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--Rising Valley
Hinckley Reservation--Spillway Pool and Ranger Station Area
Hinckley Reservation--Top O' Ledges Picnic Area
Hinckley Reservation--West Drive Scenic Overlook
Hinckley Reservation--Whipps Ledges
Hinckley Reservation--Wordens Ledges

Richfield Heritage Preserve

About Rocky River-East Branch Important Bird Area

This IBA extends along the Rocky River riparian corridor through Medina and Cuyahoga Counties. It includes the Rocky River Reservation, Mill Stream Run Reservation, and Hinckley Reservation.

The Rocky River Reservation follows the floodplain forest of willow, sycamore, and cottonwood surrounded by massive shale cliffs. Hinckley Reservation is a heavily wooded tract just south of Cleveland, interspersed with open fields and a 90-acre lake. Extensive outcroppings of Sharon conglomerate, including Whipp’s Ledges, are also of significance. Hiking trails and bridle trails offer access to many of the deeper woods.

Hinckley is best known as the home of the Hinckley buzzards, and the large Turkey Vulture roost is a major media and public attraction. More important is the large block of deciduous woods with attendant nesting species. The spring wildflower display is one of the best in the area. Several large stands of Norway spruce, planted in the 1930s, now offer nesting habitat for some of Ohio’s rarest nesting passerines, including Ohio’s largest breeding population of Golden-crowned Kinglets.

In addition to supporting large populations of typical nesting neotropical migrants, Hinckley also is home to several rare or marginal nesters, including Golden-crowned Kinglets, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and coniferous obligate warblers such as Magnolia Warblers and Blackburnian Warblers, etc. Twenty species of warblers have been recorded during the breeding season. The area, including mudflats along the lakeshore, harbors many migrants including passerines, shorebirds, waterfowl, etc.

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