Pickerington Ponds Important Bird Area

Pickerington Ponds
Important Bird Area

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Pickerington Ponds (Fairfield Co.)

Pickerington Ponds (Franklin Co.)
Pickerington Ponds--Arrowhead Trail
Pickerington Ponds--Burning Lake Area
Pickerington Ponds--Ellis Pond
Pickerington Ponds--Glacier Knoll Arrowhead Marsh Overlook
Pickerington Ponds--West
Pickerington Ponds--Wood Duck Picnic Area

About Pickerington Ponds Important Bird Area

This IBA, located approximately five miles southeast of Columbus, is part of the Metro Park system in Franklin County and the Pickerington Ponds Wetland Wildlife Refuge includes one of the last remaining glacial kettle lakes in Central Ohio. Associated with the lake are a large cattail marsh, a buttonbush swamp, and numerous small ponds. This area also has several glacial features. Also included are one small woodlot and approximately 60-70 acres of managed grasslands. In all 416 acres of this IBA is a dedicated state nature preserve.

This is an important migrating bird stopover site and provides unique nesting bird habitat. Over 260 species of birds have been recorded at this site. Numerous seasonal ponds combined with the associated rich wetland vegetation, all bordered by woodlands attracting migrating waterfowl, shorebirds, and land birds. Wetland habitats like Pickerington Ponds are somewhat rare in Ohio, with a number of species requiring just this sort of habitat. A Great Blue Heron rookery with up to 50 nests was active until the early 2000s. A nesting pair of Ospreys is present.

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