Liberty Park Important Bird Area

Liberty Park
Important Bird Area

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Liberty Park--Pond Brook Conservation Area
Liberty Park--Twinsburg Ledges and Nature Center

About Liberty Park Important Bird Area

This IBA is a partnership between the City of Twinsburg and Metro Parks serving Summit County. The city manages the park’s 100-acre recreation area while Metro Parks manages the remaining acreage, including two trails and the Pond Brook Conservation Area.

Large trees grow on rock ledges and in wetlands within the conservation area, which includes fens and bogs. Metro Parks has designated this a Low Impact Area, meaning mowing, trails and other park improvements will be kept to a minimum. Liberty Park is home to many rare and endangered species, including Indiana bats, Marsh Wrens, Ospreys, and Bald Eagles.

Liberty Park harbors significant breeding populations of several priority species including Wilson’s Snipe, Sedge Wren, and Winter Wren; as well as having rare habitat types with associated priority species: Wilson’s Snipe, Sora, Virginia Rail, Sedge Wren, and Winter Wren.

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