Egypt Valley Important Bird Area

Egypt Valley
Important Bird Area

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Entire Year – Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter


Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Egypt Valley North Rd.
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Smith Co. Rd. 104
Egypt Valley Wildlife Area--Starkey Rd. 546

About Egypt Valley Important Bird Area

This lBA is a state wildlife area managed by Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. It consists of a reclaimed strip mine area with the typical mosaic of ponds, cattail swamps, shrubland, and upland hardwood woodlots within the grassland matrix. The mix of grassland and shrubland includes as many as 5,000 acres of open grassland.

Most of the area has been subjected to surface mining in the past. The reclamation process after mining has led to large patches of grassland habitats, which is rare in Ohio. These patches hold large numbers of breeding grassland birds. They are also used heavily by Northern Harriers in the winter. A variety of species are found, ranging from wetland species to grassland and shrub species to forest species. Henslow’s Sparrow is common throughout the extensive grasslands along with Grasshopper Sparrow and Bobolink.

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