Michael Perry Park

Michael Perry Park

8700 East Arbor Street Tucson, Arizona 85710

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Tucked away in an east side neighborhood, you’ll find Michael Perry Park. When you get to the Golf Links Road and Pantano Parkway intersection, head south and you’ll run right into the family-friendly park.

Michael Perry’s 35 acres include little league fields, a basketball court, picnic tables, drinking fountains, restrooms, and a playground.

Named after a 12-year-old boy who was murdered in 1984, the park also has a Children’s Memorial Garden on-site that is a “tribute to the children who are loved by our community.”

The park also connects to Pantano River Park, part of The Loop (an ongoing project of Pima County that will eventually be 131 miles of car-free paths around metropolitan Tucson). The Loop will connect Pantano River Park to greenways along Harrison Road and Julian Wash, Rillito River Park, and Santa Cruz River Park. At present, the entire length of the Pantano River Park path between Kenyon and Sellarole is just over 3 miles. There are no mile markers.

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