Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park

Upper Lincoln Regional Park: 4325 South Pantano Road Lower Lincoln Regional Park and the Atterbury-Lyman Sanctuary: 8330 East Escalante Road

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Home to Clements Regional Recreation Center, Lincoln Regional Park has a beautiful natural desert landscape, totaling 191 acres. Amenities include two softball complexes with a total of 8 fields and two concessions, two soccer fields, and a one-mile walking path. The walking path also links to the new Atterbury Wash Greenway Project. The site also includes ramadas, a playground, and four sand volleyball courts. The Children’s Outdoor Performance Area, Atturbury Bird and Animal Sanctuary are located within the park and are accessible from Escalante Road.

The Atterbury Wash Greenway is a multi-use path that runs through Lincoln Park, linking the Fred Enke Golf Course, Pima College East Campus, the William M. Clements Center, Lincoln Park Softball Complex, Lower Lincoln Park, and the Michael Lyman Atterbury Wash Animal and Bird Sanctuary. The paved segment from Escalante Road to the Fred Enke Golf Course is 0.9 miles in length and has Dawn to Dusk lights. The paths are for pedestrians and bicyclists only. No motorized vehicles are allowed.

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