American Chestnut Preserve

American Chestnut Preserve

South Street (US-7) Stockbridge, Massachusetts 01262

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The Chestnut Preserve is a southern gateway to the town of Stockbridge. It is made up of property along and in the Agawam Brook wetland areas. This property comprises four separate parcels:  South Parcel (6.4 acres),  North Parcel (0.95 acres),  Burkhard Parcel(1.00 acres), and Klein Parcel (0.76 acres).

All these parcels were created in the early 1950s when US-7 South was built behind homes along Goodrich Street. The new road split the homeowners’ properties, isolating these portions between the new road and Agawam Brook.

Stockbridge American Chestnut Preserve. The upper portion of the South Parcel is the site of a 10-year breeding project of the American Chestnut Foundation. They are working to restore the blight-ravaged American Chestnut, once the major hardwood tree in the eastern United States. An interpretive sign describes the breeding project.

Picnic Area. The lower portion of the South Parcel is a meadow along Agawam Brook. A picnic table is available there for public use.

Berle Memorial. At the southern entrance are a memorial tree and rock. The inscription on the rock reads, “Peter A. A. Berle, 1937-2007, Environmental Champion”. Peter was instrumental in acquiring these lands. He was also a former President of the National Audubon Society.

Trails. There are no trails. There is a half-moon-access road off US-7. There is also a road down to the lower meadow picnic area next to Agawam Brook.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated November 23, 2023