Weir Hill (TTOR), North Andover

Weir Hill (TTOR), North Andover

The Trustees of Reservations North Andover, Massachusetts 01845

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About this Location

The rewards of Weir Hill, pronounced “wire hill,” include a shimmering lake shoreline, an expansive panorama of the Merrimack Valley, and the diversity of ten different types of plant communities. Generations of agricultural use, a history of fire, and cutting and mowing regimes have created a patchwork landscape of a 60-acre oak-hickory forest to hillside seeps, intermittent streams, wet meadows, and other plant communities. Several threatened state-listed and watch-listed species—including the white bog orchid (Habenaria dilitata), violet bush clover (Lespedeza violacea), and butternut trees (Juglans nigra)—are subtle signs of Weir Hill’s past that reveal themselves along the way.

Notable Trails

Hiking up Weir Hill begins with selecting from two main routes.

Follow the 0.75-mile Edgewood Farm Trail and reach the meandering shore of Lake Cochichewick, which dominates the east and south edges of this reservation. The hill and the two-mile-long lake are scenic, prominent features in the northeast part of town—Great Pond Road was laid out on the east shore to take advantage of the views across the lake as well as the hill rising just beyond—and ambling on the Edgewood Farm and 0.4-mile Cochichewick trails opens to memorable water-level views. (If you’re hiking in winter, beware of ice underfoot.)

Or, you can ascend the 0.71-mile Stevens Trail, up the spine of Weir Hill to a scenic overlook that opens to a broad view that, with clear skies, gazes out to Mount Wachusett as well as New Hampshire’s Mount Monadnock.

The AllTrails website has a description and map of a hike at Weir Hill.

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