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Protected headwaters of the Parker River, this huge forest stretches across the towns of West Newbury, Newbury, Groveland, and Georgetown. Many unmarked trails with great variety. Great trails for mountain biking and cross-country skiing. Snowmobiling and ice fishing in winter. Hunting is permitted in Autumn (except on Sundays), so wear orange when entering these woods. Low rolling pine and mixed hardwoods on hills and uplands. Buttonbush, alder, and leatherleaf dominate Crane pond and marshlands. A high tension line provides open shrub habitats. A series of openings in the forested areas have been maintained by forestry operations for biodiversity.

Spring-migrating waterfowl may be found on Crane Pond and Little Crane Pond. Woodcock, ruffed grouse, and wild turkey can be heard during courtship activities in early spring. The entire area holds a wide array of nesting songbirds in both uplands and wetlands. Viewing Information: The wildlife management area occupies Groveland, Newbury, Georgetown, and West Newbury. Unmarked trails and old woods roads. Crane Pond (Groveland) is stocked with trout. 2 other ponds and 2 brooks provide other fishing and bird viewing opportunities. It is also a great place for a wide range of breeding songbirds. Since hunting is allowed on this property, visitors to this area from October through December should wear a blaze orange cap or vest for visibility. Statewide, hunting is prohibited on Sundays.

Multiple parking areas in Groveland (Little Road, Bear Hill Road) Newbury (Moody Street), and Georgetown (Little Road). In West Newbury, parking is available at the end of Georgetown Road near the Groveland town line.

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