Lake Wantastiquet, Hinsdale

Lake Wantastiquet, Hinsdale

Hinsdale, New Hampshire 03451 ‎

Tips for Birding

If you carefully keep your bird records by state, be aware of the location of the New Hampshire-Vermont state line in the Connecticut River and use the appropriate eBird hotspots when you submit checklists. 

Also see, Birdwatching in New Hampshire , pp. 45-47.

About this Location

Lake Wantastiquet is located in Hinsdale, New Hampshire, near the border with Vermont. The lake is formed by the Vernon Dam on the Connecticut River. The Hinsdale Setbacks are at the north end of the lake.

The Lower Wantastiquet Trail is an easy walk along an old dirt road that provides many views as it parallels the New Hampshire side of Lake Wantastiquet and the Connecticut River.

Notable Trails

The TrailFinder website has a description and map of a hike on the Lower Wantastiquet Trail.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

Last updated October 19, 2023