Puritas Wetland

Puritas Wetland

West 145th Street Cleveland, Ohio 44135

Puritas Wetland brochure

Tips for Birding

While entry into the property is not currently allowed, there are several street locations where birders can view birds in the wetland. (See the map.)

  • Park on West 145th Street facing north. View birds from the fence along the street.
  • From behind Puritas Hardware, park in the lot against the fence. There are great views of part of the wetlands from here.
  • Walk from Puritas Hardware on West Parkway Road to Industrial Parkway. Look on either side of the road for wetlands birds.
  • Access Industrial Parkway from 150th Street, park at the empty building on the right, or park on the street. There are many willow trees here that provide good bird cover. You can also walk south along the fence to view the birds along the railroad tracks. The bridge over the West Branch of Big Creek on the Industrial Parkway from West 150th Street is now fenced off for construction. One can view from the fences of the business there, but only during non-business hours.

About this Location

Puritas Wetland is an 80-acre detention basin lying in the Big Creek watershed approximately two miles south of Lake Erie fed by a channel designed to direct stormwater runoff away from contiguous properties and I-480. It is a functioning wetland located in the heart of the City of Cleveland nestled between residential and light industrial properties. It is the former home to the American Agricultural Chemical Company until 1970, a commercial fertilizer plant.

No restroom facilities.

Content from Puritas Wetland brochure and Elizabeth McQuaid