Painted Hills Trailhead (Tucson Mountains)--opened 2019

Painted Hills Trailhead (Tucson Mountains)--opened 2019

West Anklam Road Tucson, Arizona 85745

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About this Location

Painted Hills Trails Park is a 285-acre natural open space park that is situated between Anklam Road and Speedway Boulevard, and access to the park’s main trailhead is located approximately 0.4 miles west of North Players Club Drive. Painted Hills Trails Park is the northern extent of Tucson Mountain Park.

Painted Hills Trails Park is open from dawn until dusk, and has trailhead parking for 19 vehicles. The park has approximately 4 miles of trails that are open to all non-motorized trail users, although the trailhead is not capacious enough to provide equestrian staging. The park’s main trail, the Mosaic Trail, is wider than the singletrack Slingshot Trail and the Monsoon Loop, and provides an excellent facility for walkers.

Unlike Tucson Mountain Park proper, dogs are allowed in Painted Hills Trails Park, provided you keep them on a leash at all times. Make it a practice to always clean up after your dog.

Painted Hills Trails Park is renowned for its picturesque stands of saguaros, and is notable for its many peaks and natural quiet. Large mule deer can regularly be seen on the property, and wildlife that can be sighted include bobcat, javelina, coyotes, and the occasional Gila monster.

All trail users are encouraged to practice proper trail etiquette and be courteous to other users to ensure a safe and enjoyable trail experience for everyone.

Trails Parks are a relatively new category of parks in Pima County. Trails Parks are a key step between the parks and pathways that exist in more urban areas and the trail systems in our rural mountain parks, which take more time to access. The Painted Hills Trails Park is a “happy medium” that provides natural-surface trails close to where people live and work.

Notable Trails

The AllTrails website has a description and map of a hike at Painted Hills Trails Park.

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