Tri-Pond Park Nature Center

Tri-Pond Park Nature Center

South Kingstown, Rhode Island 02879

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The Tri-Pond Park Trail provides access to the Rocky Brook Reservoir.

About Tri-Pond Park

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The Wakefield Water Company donated Tri-Pond Park to the Town of South Kingstown in 1969. The deed required the land to be used for recreation and conservation. The park includes three ponds (California Jims, Rocky Brook, and Asa Pond). A master plan for the park was created in 1973 and led to the construction of nature trails by the Youth Conservation Corps in 1977.

The South Kingstown Conservation Commission requested the Parks and Recreation Department assume the maintenance of the park in 1988. That same year, Hurricane Bob devastated the trail system. Ed and Ruth Steward led a group of volunteers to re-establish the trail system in 1990. Most of the trail’s bridges were replaced in 2001-02. The Tri-Pond Park nature center was constructed in 2003. Asa Pond also is a Department of Environmental Management designated fishing area.


  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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