Sleepers Meadow, Newbury

Sleepers Meadow, Newbury

Newbury, Vermont 05051

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The trails at Sleepers Meadow take visitors on a journey that begins at a historic farmstead, travels through vast meadows with views of the White Mountains and the Fairlee Palisades, and continues into peaceful and secluded forests. With approximately 1.5 miles of moderate terrain, Sleepers Meadow can provide a short getaway or hours of exploration. Complementing its scenic, recreational, and historic value, the property is also home to a Vital Communities Valley Quest, a place-based, educational treasure hunt.

The trails at Sleepers Meadow pass through a large saddleback field—a flat valley between two hills and above the main river valley. The topography of the field is the result of the ancient down-cutting of the Connecticut River. It provides far-off views of the White Mountains, along with a sense of seclusion from the surrounding roads. In the middle of the meadow is a rocky hump of slightly higher elevation than the surrounding field. Selenda Girardin, daughter of Roscoe and Isabel Whitney and the current owner of the property, and her playmates called this “Maple Island ” during their childhood games of make-believe. Whether it is for a game of make-believe or just to sit peacefully and enjoy the view, Maple Island is still a special place to visit.

From the intersection of US-5 and VT-25, go north on US-5 through Bradford Village and past Oxbow High School. Continue 3.7 miles from this point to a large barn on the west side of the road (0.4 miles beyond Snake Road). A sign for Sleepers Meadow is leaning against the barn. Please park next to the trailhead parking sign, just off the side of the driveway between the barn and the flower beds.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated October 9, 2023