Coronado NF--Clanton Canyon, Geronimo Seep

Coronado NF--Clanton Canyon, Geronimo Seep

Coronado National Forest Animas, New Mexico 88020

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Clanton Canyon, located in the Peloncillo Mountains and the Coronado National Forest, is in the bootheel of southwestern New Mexico. The road through Clanton Canyon is passable by passenger car and goes from NM-338 on the east end (milepost 53, about 30 miles south of Animas, NM) to Douglas, Arizona on the west end. Vegetation in the canyon includes Arizona Sycamore, Fremont Cottonwood, Box Elder, Gray Oak, Arizona Cypress, Alligator Juniper, Chihuahua Pine, willow, beargrass, sotol, agave, yucca, cholla, prickly pear, and grasses.

Take NM-338 about 30 miles south from Animas to milepost 53. Turn west onto FR-63 for 7 miles to reach the Coronado National Forest. An additional 5 miles will bring you to the summit.

About Coronado National Forest

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The Coronado National Forest spans sixteen scattered mountain ranges or "sky islands" rising dramatically from the desert floor, supporting plant communities as biologically diverse as those encountered on a trip from Mexico to Canada.

The Coronado National Forest’s 15 Sky Island mountain ranges offer awesome scenery, diverse vegetation, from deserts to conifer forests, and a wide variety of amenities in the form of visitor centers and campgrounds. Some popular activities are hiking, camping, birdwatching, and visiting historic areas. It also offers mountain bike trails, OHV areas, lakes for fishing and boating, equestrian facilities, and a ski area.

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