Bradley Woods Reservation

About this Location

Bradley Woods Reservation, located in North Olmsted and Westlake, is on a massive formation of Berea sandstone. The stone is easily seen in the old quarry sites located in various areas of the reservation. The quarries were in operation over 50 years ago and produced sandstone for building stones.

The reservation is filled with deep forests of red maples, sour gums, tupelos, yellow birches, and pin oaks. Bunns Lake, dedicated in 1986, was created to provide waterfowl habitat, as well as to provide fishing opportunities and serve as a pleasant spot for nature lovers. The reservation also conserves wildlife habitat with large tracts of relatively undisturbed woodlands and open areas with a large deer population.

Notable Trails

Bradley Woods Reservation Trails
Along with the path around the lake, there are over two miles of hiking trails. The forest is laden with pin oak, yellow birch, sour gum, red maple, and tulip trees.

A walking path surrounds a pond called Bunns Lake where ducks and geese are plentiful and the occasional blue heron has been known to visit as well.

The AllTrails website has a description and map of a hike at Bradley Woods Reservation.

Restrooms on site.

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