Occupessatuxet Cove

Birds of Interest

Waterfowl viewing along this entire Blueways route can be quite extensive, with a number of duck species appearing only during the winter months; and most of the water birds seen only during the summer.  Waterfowl include mallards, American black duck, mute swan, Canada goose, brant, American widgeon, gadwall, bufflehead, common goldeneye, hooded merganser, red‐breasted merganser, greater scaup, American coot, and rarely: canvasback and green-winged teal. Summer water birds include great blue heron, snowy egret, great egret, black-crowned night heron, green heron, lesser yellowlegs, greater yellowlegs, willet, and horned grebe.

About this Location

Occupessatuxet Cove is a prime area for waterfowl viewing, as well as a scenic gem. The Indian name means the meadows through which the river flows, and the name is true today.  The north and west sides of the cove offer the rolling hayfields and the beautiful colonial house at Spring Green Farm.  The south side is Cole's farm, once a private farm and campground and now year-round residences.  The area of Cole’s Farm was owned by the Greene family from 1642 to 1818.  In 1676, John Greene, Jr. built a house on the south side of the cove for his son Job; and this became famous ‐ the home of a Chief Justice of the Rhode Island Court, home of a speaker of the House of Deputies, and birthplace of Colonel Christopher Greene, one of the most brilliant heroes of the Revolution and commander of the First Rhode Island Black Regiment.  The house became an intellectual, political, and social center of R.I. In 1823, the land passed to the Cole family. 

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