Levi Pond WMA - Groton (22 acres)

Levi Pond WMA - Groton (22 acres)

Groton, Vermont 05046

Levi Pond Wildlife Management guide and map

Birds of Interest

Loons are occasionally observed fishing on Levi Pond. The brook, wetlands, and beaver ponds provide feeding grounds for great blue herons and provide nesting habitat for waterfowl, including wood ducks and hooded mergansers.

About this Location

Levi Pond Wildlife Management Area (WMA) is a 262-acre parcel of land owned by the State of Vermont and managed by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department. The WMA consists of 24-acre Levi Pond and 238 acres of land surrounding the pond in the town of Groton, Caledonia County, Vermont. The access road, which is suitable only for foot travel, is located at the corners of County Road, Red Brook Road, and Goodfellow Road, near US-302 in Groton. Access is at the discretion of private landowners, as there is no legal right of way to this WMA.

Levi Pond WMA was purchased as three separate parcels between 1964 and 1971. Primary funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Interior Land and Water Conservation Fund, which was created to enhance the nation’s outdoor recreation resources.

Habitat Features Prominent features of the WMA are Levi Pond and Wesson Hill, which rises 220 feet above the pond to the southeast. Levi Pond is a rather shallow, warm water pond, with one of the State’s largest concentrations of great rhododendron. The slopes of Wesson Hill are dominated by red maple, sugar maple, yellow birch, and beech. Also present is a red spruce-balsam fir-hemlock forest, primarily at the south end of the pond and in nearby lowlands. The remaining area is mixed hardwood and conifer forest. Beavers have built dams and created wetlands along Red Brook, which flows through the WMA.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated December 3, 2023