Lake Paran - Bennington (40 acres)

Lake Paran - Bennington (40 acres)

North Bennington, Vermont 05257

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Lake Paran has two access points. One access point is along Recreation Lane which brings you to a pavilion with picnic tables. The second access point is on Fishing Access Road which leads you to a small parking lot. The fishing access at Lake Paran has a boat ramp and shore fishing platform which remains plowed throughout the winter. Between the two access points for this lake, you can typically find at least one portable bathroom, however, these bathrooms are occasionally swapped out and or taken away, so it is possible to go to the lake and not have a bathroom there. If that is the case, the Hannahford's grocery store which is a few miles away has public restrooms. Another amenitity within walking distance of this site is an EV charging station on Depot Road.

Lake Paran (40 acres) is a site for the Vermont LoonWatch annual survey. Birders are encouraged to volunteer as often and whenever they are able. See Join LoonWatch for details.

Notable Trails

Both access points have a trail that follows the shoreline of Lake Paran.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated October 6, 2023