Davidson Interpretive Center

Davidson Interpretive Center

5638 Lower Valley Pike Springfield, Ohio 45502

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About this Location

The Davidson Interpretive Center is a free historical education center owned and operated by the Clark County Park District. Stop by for a visit today… spot a Shawnee warrior in full garb, take a walk around the site of the 1780 Battle of Peckuwe, the largest battle of the American Revolution west of the Allegheny Mountains, or bring a group of friends for a fun themed program.

The Interpretive Center sits on what was once a large settlement of Shawnee Indians, allies of British troops during the Revolutionary war. The Peckuwe Village was a central base during the British and Indian raids, making it a high priority target for American Colonel George Rogers Clark.

In 1780, Clark attacked the Peckuwe Village along with the British stockade and blockhouse. The battle was one of the largest of the American Revolution west of the Allegheny Mountains, and led to the opening of the Northwest Territory. Shawnee and British inhabitants were driven out of the area, making way for colonial settlements. The Center invites you to celebrate this piece of American history.

The Clark County Park District Headquarters is located at The Davidson Interpretive Center

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