Bald Mt.--Artists Bluff Loop, Franconia Notch

Bald Mt.--Artists Bluff Loop, Franconia Notch

Franconia, New Hampshire 03580

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Bald Mountain and Artist Bluff form a classic summit where amazing if not legendary views can be seen with little hiking effort. Both the summit of Bald Mt. and Artist Bluff have incredible views of Franconia Notch and Mt. Lafayette. This set of trails is very popular with families who visit Franconia Notch State Park. Though some of the popularity of the park has dwindled since the fall of Old Man of the Mountain. These two classic viewing areas remain extremely popular with photographers, visitors, and artists alike.

Both summits are very easy to get to. Bald Mt. is only .4 mile from the trailhead and though the top has some Class 2 scrambling with exposure, this trail is still popular with families and tourists. Artist Bluff is even an easier Class 1 trail from the parking lot and receives usually double the number of people Bald Mountain does. It only requires a 1.5-mile loop hike to do both of the viewing areas, leaving plenty of time to do many of the other attractions in the area. This hike also is good as a second hike after doing the Franconia Ridge Traverse.

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