Gilman Park, Exeter

About this Location

Gilman Park on Bell Avenue was a gift to the Town of Exeter from Daniel Gilman in 1891. At the park, there are 1 baseball, a basketball court, and a boat ramp.

The cannons at Gilman Park were offered to the Town for decorative purposes by the United States Naval Department in 1897. The gift came with a restriction: in case of need, the cannons could be recalled by the government. To date, they never have.

Gilman Park was acquired by the Town in 2012 and now is held in a conservation easement by the Southeast Land Trust. Tucked away on Bell Avenue and linked to PEA, Gilman Park offers a quiet space to walk, play catch, or just enjoy nature.

Gilman is a versatile park. This park is beautifully located on the Exeter River, where visitors can sit and relax or explore the trails located nearby.

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