Beartown Lakes Reservation

Beartown Lakes Reservation

18870 Quinn Road Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023

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About this Location

Beartown Lakes Reservation is a 149-acre park located in both Auburn and Bainbridge townships. The highlights of this park include a mature beech-maple forest and more than 22 acres of open water.

Spring Creek, a tributary of the Aurora branch of the Chagrin River, flows along the northwest boundary of the park. Wetlands exist adjacent to this stream and around the lakes. Beaver lodges can be seen in these areas.

Three interconnecting lakes and a smaller pond cover more than 22 acres of the park. Upper Bear Lake teems with frogs, turtles, water snakes and other aquatic life. Middle Bear Lake has many dead snags for cavity nesting birds, while Lower Bear Lake is larger and deeper, supporting populations of bass, northern pike, and bluegill. Migrating waterfowl flock to all four bodies of water each spring and fall.

Beech-maple forestland covers approximately 70 acres of the park. These woods are carpeted each spring with wildflowers. A successional hardwood forest, a pine stand, shrub thickets and a meadow abundant with wildflowers and grasses offer a variety of habitats to many species of wildlife, including songbirds, deer and a variety of small mammals.

Notable Trails

Beartown Lakes Reservation Trails
Trails at Beartown Lakes Reservation include:
Lake Trail – .7 mile – paved
Beechnut Trail – .5 mile
Whitetail Trail – 1 mile
Prairie Path – .15 mile

A description with a map of a 2.6-mile hike at Beartown Lakes Reservation is on the AllTrails website.

Restrooms on site.

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