Birds of Interest

The forest hosts a broad diversity of breeding, migrant, and wintering birds. Yellow-billed cuckoos, prothonotary warblers, red-shouldered hawks, Acadian flycatchers, eastern wood-pewees, and red-headed woodpeckers breed in these woods during summer months. Year-round avian residents include barred owls, great horned owls, pileated woodpeckers, and wild turkeys. In winter, the wetlands are replete with migratory waterfowl. 

About Huntley Meadows Park

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Huntley Meadows Park protects over 1,500 acres of breathtaking forested and open wetland areas. Huntley Meadows is a natural depression surrounded by urban development. This area is important for both wildlife and water quality, providing a natural filter for suburban run-off. Be sure to visit the nature center before exploring the park. The park offers handicap-accessible trails, boardwalks, and viewing platforms.


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Content from Huntley Meadows Park webpage (County of Fairfax), Huntley Meadows Park webpage (VDWR), and Noah Henkenius

Last updated May 19, 2023