Garfield Park Nature Center

Garfield Park Nature Center

Garfield Heights, Ohio 44125

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About this Location

Garfield Park Reservation and the surrounding area have a rich cultural history. The Nature Center highlights exhibits featuring both Urban Gardening and Health, Wellness and Sustainability. A trip to the Nature Center won’t be complete without a visit to the landscaped wildlife garden adjacent to the building sheltering a variety of flowering plants, shrubs, and evergreens designed to attract birds and butterflies.

A walk on one of the three major trail systems that start near the Nature Center takes you through rich, deep woodlands that support a host of songbirds and the Iron Spring Wildlife Preserve that is specially managed for upland wildlife species. The Ridge Top Trail traverses the crest of the valley and features excellent views of the preserve area.

About Garfield Park Reservation

Garfield Park Reservation is located in Garfield Heights. The reservation features picnic areas, a marsh, trails, and a nature center. The history of Garfield Park dates back almost a century. In 1894, the city of Cleveland purchased three farms, a half mile south of the city limits as a site for a new south side park. It was officially opened in 1895, as Newburg Park, and much of the beautiful stonework still evident in the reservation today dates from the original project. It was leased to Cleveland Metroparks in 1986.

Mill Creek is a north unit of the Garfield Park Reservation. Mill Creek Falls Overlook is a 1.5-mile trail along Turney Road to Mill Creek Falls Overlook. Entrances are off Broadway Avenue and Turney Road.

Restrooms on site.

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