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Located in the Appalachian foothills bordering the Scioto River, the park’s rugged ridge tops and wooded valleys support a host of natural wonders. This densely forested hill country is reminiscent of the southern Appalachians supporting a magnificent stand of oak and hickory. In spring, the forest trails are lined with flowering dogwood and redbud trees. The forest floor displays woodland wildflowers including spring beauties, Dutchman’s breeches, wild blue phlox, and wild geranium. Ferns, mosses, and lichens coat the sandstone outcroppings. Mushroom hunters delight in the abundance of the delicious morel mushroom.

The remoteness of the area and dense forest provides excellent habitat for some of Ohio’s most elusive wildlife. Wild turkey populations are thriving in this region along with ruffed grouse and white-tailed deer. Small mammals of Scioto Trail include red fox, skunk, opossum, gray squirrel, and raccoon among many others. Rare sightings of bobcat and black bear have been reported. Many reptiles and amphibians find the woodlands and streams of the area desirable.

Notable Trails

Scioto Trail State Park Trails
At Scioto Trail State Park one trail allows hiking only:
DeBroad Vista Trail to Caldwell/Fire Tower Trail – 2.5 miles one way – Moderate

Four trails at the park allow biking and hiking:
Church Hollow Trail – 2 miles – Difficult
3-C Trail – 1 mile – Moderate
Friendship Trail – .4 mile – Family friendly
Stewart Lake Trail – .8 mile – Moderate

A portion of the Buckeye Trail, which links the four corners of Ohio, passes through the adjacent Scioto Trail State Forest.

Bridle trails wind through the Scioto Trail State Forest.


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