Apponaug Cove

Birds of Interest

Various gulls and winter waterfowl are common.

About this Location

This municipal boat ramp provides access to Apponaug Cove and Greenwich Bay. However, since the ramp has a very shallow slope, lacks any parking, and is right next to a road, most people will probably choose to pay to use the ramp at Ray’s Bait and Tackle (just beyond the RR bridge) or go to the ramp in downtown East Greenwich or at Goddard State Park. If you are launching hand-carried boats (or simply looking for parking) you are better off going 1/4 mile further on Arnolds Neck Road (stay left at the fork) to Arnolds Neck Waterfront Park. Apponaug Cove is a large tidal cove with many areas to explore in a small boat, but don’t expect wilderness because you are in the middle of Warwick. In small boats, you can head north and then west to explore the head of the cove. Heading east from the boat ramp takes you under the railroad bridge (22 feet clearance) and out into Greenwich Bay, which is large enough to develop large waves if the wind kicks up. On most days the southwest wind fills in strongly in this area in the morning and blows throughout the afternoon, producing significant waves on Greenwich Bay, so be prepared for this when planning your trip. Greenwich Bay is a popular area with pleasure boaters during the summer months so heavy boat traffic can be expected. (Parts of this description were adapted from Ed Mullen’s book “Kayaking Narragansett Bay.”)

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Last updated September 4, 2023