Dorset Wildlife Area--Tower Rd. Wetland

Dorset Wildlife Area--Tower Rd. Wetland

Dorset, Ohio 44032

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There is a parking area for this hotspot on Tower Road.

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The Dorset Wildlife Area is situated in northeastern Ohio, in eastern Ashtabula County, 1.3 miles east/northeast of Dorset. The area is bordered on the north by Kyle Road and Footville-Richmond Road on the south. Tower Road crosses the center of the area.

The 1,080-acre Dorset Wildlife Area was purchased in 1999 from the LTV Steel Company. The area is open to use by hunters and nature enthusiasts for hunting, trapping, bird watching and viewing other wildlife, outdoor education, berry picking, and hiking. The wildlife management plan provides for farming a portion of the area by local farmers. The woodland and brushland have been maintained. A 41-acre wetland restoration project was completed in 2003.

Cottontail rabbit, dove, and woodcock are the most abundant upland game species. Forest game species found are white-tailed deer, turkey, ruffed grouse, and squirrel. Furbearers – fox, coyote, and raccoon are abundant. A great variety of both nesting and migrant birds use the area. Canada Geese and a variety of common waterfowl may be found using the wetland habitat. No fishing opportunities exist in the area.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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