Lloyd Center for the Environment

Lloyd Center for the Environment

430 Potomska Road South Dartmouth, Massachusetts 02748

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About this Location

The Lloyd Center sits on 82 acres of oak-hickory forest, freshwater wetlands, salt marsh, and estuary. Our seven walking trails offer scenic views of Buzzards Bay, Demarest Lloyd State Park, Mishaum Point, and the islands. Kettle holes, moraine, and a Native American midden site are several features our trails offer.

Notable Trails

Osprey Point Trail
Slopes gently down to the west, arriving at a scenic view at Osprey Point, of the Slocum River and Demarest-Lloyd State Park. Ospreys are often seen from this point in summer and fall. On the return, the trail passes between two of the largest Holly trees in Massachusetts.

The Chaypee Woods Trail
Snakes its way through stone walls that hearken back to farming days when cattle, ducks, and chickens, were raised here. Stop at the kettle hole with its bird blind, then walk to the causeway (which was a road prior to the 1938 hurricane). Steep steps and slopes mix with the vistas of the salt marsh, where fresh and saltwater mix. Numerous birds and mammals use this area.

Forest Management Trail
Pass through areas managed to provide open ground for shrub growth, young trees, and for wildlife. The oak/hickory forest mixed with some sassafras and hollies has been thinned in an effort to improve the overall health of the forest. Some areas have been marked for cutting but left uncut to demonstrate the selection process. Other areas were heavily cut in 1984. Woodpeckers are often seen or heard from the relatively level trail.

West Swamp Trail
Begins and ends at the Lloyd Center’s driveway. It passes through diverse vegetation types from the red maple-dominated swamp, big-toothed aspen, and cedar forest to the old oak field’s edge. The trail is level, high, and dry for its entire length. The open water of the swamp often hides spotted salamanders and spotted turtles.

Katharine Nordell Lloyd Wildflower Trail 
Contained within the traffic circle, the Wildflower Trail is a combination of plants that grow naturally at the Lloyd Center (blueberry) and other native pre-Pilgrim species (dogwood, azaleas). Bird houses are home to wrens and other small birds.

Hardscrabble Farm Loop Trail
The longest and newest trail. It is also known as the “perimeter” trail because it reaches far and wide to the Lloyd Center's boundaries. It meanders through the woodland habitat with vistas of the salt marsh, fresh and salt water, and the Slocum River. The Farm Loop Trail connects with three other trails: Chaypee Woods, Osprey Point, and the West Swamp Trail. Follow blue markers to stay on the Farm Loop Trail. The Loop also has its own features, including a newly discovered kettle hole, and the foundation of an old building. This trail also includes a scenic overlook at the end of the spur, a great place to relax.

Lloyd Woods Trail
30 minutes /.8 miles
The Lloyd Woods Trail crosses Potomska Road and loops around a 27-acre parcel of protected land. This trail passes through stone walls, and trail spurs bring you close to the salt marsh edge allowing you to overlook Little River and view the many species of coastal birds.

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