Woodbury Wildlife Area--Coshocton Co. Rd. 286

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Woodbury lies in east-central Ohio approximately five miles west of Coshocton. Access to the area may be gained from a number of state routes including OH-16, OH-36, OH-60, and OH-541. OH-541, which runs east-west through the center of the area, provides good access to a series of county and township roads.

The land comprising Woodbury has undergone many conversions. From early agriculture and timbering to recent strip mining, the area contains a diverse mixture of habitat types from expanses of grasses and legumes to relatively undisturbed woodlands. Approximately 35 percent of the area is in open land, 8 percent in brushland, and 57 percent in woodland. There are over 150 small water impoundments in the area, most of which were developed during strip-mining activities. This number includes 42 wetlands and 116 ponds.


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