Mirror Lake, Devens

Mirror Lake, Devens

Devens, Massachusetts 01434

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About this Location

The Mirror Lake beachfront opens in late June and services the public through late August. Season passes are available or you can pay for just the day. Whether you are looking to have an invigorating swim, rent a canoe, or lie on the beach and relax, Mirror Lake offers the opportunity to enjoy it all.

Mirror Lake is zoned as conservation land and is governed by regulations that protect and preserve the present environment.

Originally known as Hell Pond due to its depth, Mirror Lake was included in the Harvard land taken by the Army to expand Camp Devens in 1917.

Note that the fees are significantly less than any beach in the area. Park in the large parking lot, pay an entry fee and walk to the beach area. Or, pay entry, drive to the boat drop-off, drive back, and park.


  • Restrooms on site

  • Entrance fee

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

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Last updated December 16, 2023