Worcester Airport

Worcester Airport

Worcester, Massachusetts 01602

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Places to bird at Worcester Airport include:

1) Airport Drive: This is accessible from Mill Street; from Goddard Memorial Drive off MA-9; or from MA-122. The section of Airport Drive from the intersection with Goddard Memorial Drive north to the intersection with MA-122 has many planted crab apple trees. In winter these attract numerous Cedar Waxwings and American Robins. In flight years small flocks of Pine Grosbeaks can be found also feeding in these trees. Be sure to scan the Cedars for a Bohemian as there have been several recent records of this species here. Wild Turkeys are often seen in this area too. There is a lot of traffic on this road so be sure to pull completely off the road, or park and walk the road.

2) Terminal Area: Drive up to the terminal and continue past, pulling into a rental car lot that is adjacent to the landing field (chain link fence). In late fall and winter look for Horned Larks on the landing field or even in the parking lot. Occasionally there are Snow Buntings. Savannah Sparrows breed nearby. In migration, often raptors like falcons, accipiters, and harriers can be seen over the landing field. From this parking lot, you get a commanding view of downtown Worcester which can be good for migrating hawks.

3) Leicester end of runways: Drive down Airport Drive toward Rt. 122, but cut off to the left (Bailey Street) before you reach the bottom. Follow this into Leicester (this road becomes Marshall Street) for a little over a mile and take your first left onto Millbury Street. This will take you up in the back of the Worcester Airport Runways. Look here for Savannah Sparrow, Bobolink, and Eastern Meadowlark breeding. Rarely, species like Upland Sandpiper or Short-eared Owl have been seen here in migration. Watch for larks in winter. At night in summer, sometimes Whip-Poor-Will can be heard from the woods to the west.

4) MA-56, Leicester: Take MA-56 north from MA-9 in Leicester or continue down Marshall Street and it will intersect with MA-56 (go left). You will come to an area owned by the airport that overlooks the landing fields. Savannah Sparrows and Bobolinks are here in the breeding season, and the area is good to look for migrating hawks. Short-Eared Owl has been spotted here in winter very rarely.

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