Bass Swamp

About this Location

Located along the west side of Northfield Road near the intersection of White Road, Bass Swamp is approximately fifty-seven (57) acres in size. The swamp is formed by a small dam located at its northern end. About fifteen (15) acres of the swamp consists of open, freshwater less than five feet deep, twenty (20) acres consists of deep fresh water, and eleven (11) acres each of shallow fresh marsh and shrub swamp. Bass Swamp is an unusual and diverse example of a naturally maintained wet meadow. Periodic flooding appears to keep woody species in check sufficiently for a diverse community of grasses, sedges, and wetland herbs to persist. The stream, which meanders through the center of the wetland, is sandy-bottomed, and sand underlies the shallow peat deposits of the meadow. This is among the most significant wetlands in Warwick. It also has excellent access and is considered a site for skating and dog swimming.

Content from Town of Warwick Open Space Plan