Hubbard Valley Park

Tips for Birding

In warm weather and for good views of the lake at the beginning of the hike, go clockwise around the lake. From the parking lot head for the fishing pier. Before you get to the pier there is a bench with views of the inflow from the creek which can sometimes have herons, shorebirds, and ducks. Continue on and hike up to the dike that impounds the lake and onto the dam. At the end of the dam, you head down into the wooded portion of the Trillium Trail. In the spring, the first woods has a beautiful stand of Sessile Trillium or Toadshade. After crossing the spillway, the woods is good for woodland birds all year and wildflowers in the spring. Taking the Sugar Woods Loop adds .5 mile to the hike, takes you past a stand of skunk cabbage, and into the Beech/Maple forest. Return to the Trillium Trail and cross the bridge. Turn left on the All-Persons Trail to go around the field by the sledding hill and then return to the parking area.

In the winter, when the wind is from the west, it is better to hike this trail in the opposite direction, counterclockwise. This puts the wind to your back as you walk across the open expanse of the trail on the dam.

About this Location

Hubbard Valley Park came into existence as a further benefit of a flood control project on Chippewa Creek. When the Hubbard Valley Dam was constructed, additional land was purchased to permit the development of a permanent reservoir. This 18-acre lake provides a great spot for family fishing, either from the shore or from your rowboat or canoe.

A 1.25-mile nature trail leads park visitors around the lake and through a wooded area. As you walk the trail, wildlife viewing opportunities abound. A .5-mile paved all-purpose trail leads to both shelters, around the back of the sledding hill, to the restrooms, to the bridge that leads to the hiking trail, and to the fishing area. In addition, you can hike the .55-mile Yellow nature trail through the woods. Two reservable picnic shelters provide group picnicking opportunities, and numerous individual tables and grills provide opportunities for individual family picnics. A playground and a sledding hill add to your family’s enjoyment. Benches located along the paths provide spots for relaxation.

Notable Trails

Hubbard Valley Trails
There are three trails at Hubbard Valley Park which may be combined to make a 2-mile hike.
All-Persons Trail – .6 mile – paved
Trillium Trail – 1.25 miles – natural
Sugar Woods Loop – .5 mile – natural


  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

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