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Allin's Cove

Barrington, Rhode Island 02806

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Tucked into the northwest corner of Barrington, the Allin’s Cove Conservation Area consists of about 10 acres of property surrounding a tidal cove that facilitates the drainage of the Annawamscutt Creek into Narragansett Bay. Today, the Conservation Area consists of marsh, grasslands and wooded uplands. Although invasive Phragmites are prevalent, native coastal grasses, shrubs and trees can be found in the uplands and buffer areas. Plants found in the salt marsh include two different species of Spartina cordgrass, sea lavender and glasswort. The Cove supports a large variety of aquatic species, including small fish, crabs, and various types of shellfish. A large number of birds, including raptors, song birds, and aquatic birds such as ducks, heron, swans and osprey, call Allin’s Cove home on either a seasonal or full-time basis. Mammals ranging from mice, squirrels and rabbits to coyotes, foxes, and deer inhabit the uplands and buffer areas. Once in a while, during the late winter, a seal will haul out on the beach.

BLCT is responsible for managing the Allin’s Cove Conservation Area, various parcels of which are owned by the Trust, the Town of Barrington and the State of Rhode Island. Allin’s Cove may be accessed for purposes of passive recreation from Narragansett Avenue, Third Street and Willow Way. In addition to being a peaceful place to walk and observe a wide variety of plants and animals, it has a wonderful view of the sunsets across Narragansett Bay. If you go there, take a moment to appreciate the positive effects of saving and rehabilitating the wild places within our midst.

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Last updated August 21, 2023