Hancock County Sanitary Landfill Wetland

Hancock County Sanitary Landfill Wetland

Township Road 109 Van Buren, Ohio 45889

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Tips for Birding

There are two gravel parking spots along Township Road 109 on the north edge: one east and one west of a small woodlot that is 0.25 miles west of County Road 142. From these lots, a birder has quick access to the grasslands that take up the northeast corner of the landfill property. A quick walk north from either lot will take a birder to wetland ponds. Notable numbers of Grasshopper Sparrows breed in the grasslands, and one of only three spots in Hancock County where Marsh Wrens breed. Henslow’s Sparrows are also possible breeders in the area. In the fall, look for Ammodramus sparrows in the grasslands near the wetland ponds on the east side of the woodlot. Walking is tricky; the only trails in the woods are a couple of all-terrain vehicle paths. Hunting is permitted on the property, so use discretion during hunting seasons.

During a Hancock County CBC, OOS member Ed Ingold reported a Northern Shrike, so I headed over for my county first and found the bird within minutes guarding his territory. The landfill wetlands are prairie, ponds, and woods with small inclines. Besides this Shrike, the area is known for having most of the Ohio sparrows, Short-eared Owls have been heard, waterfowl nest here, and a variety of songbirds can be found.

About this Location

The Hancock County Sanitary Landfill is managed by the County Solid Waste Management District.


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Content from Hancock County Sanitary Landfill webpage, Bob Sams, and Amy Downing Ohio Ornithological Society Northwest Regional Director