Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area, Gilmanton

Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area, Gilmanton

Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire 03837

Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area map

About this Location

The parcels that compose the Cogswell Mountain Conservation Area (CMCA) are owned by four different landowners. They are conserved by conservation easements held by the Town of Gilmanton acting through its Conservation Commission, or the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests (SPNHF). The language for each of the conservation easements is different, but in general, all allow for public access for low-impact, pedestrian, non-commercial, outdoor recreational, and outdoor educational purposes. Other activities such as camping, hunting, and trail work would need permission from the landowner. In addition, the public may use snowmobiles on the Skantze Tract. The use of snowmobiles elsewhere is negotiated between the landowner and the Gilmanton Snowmobile Association.

Please remember that these lands are privately owned and treat them with respect and appreciation.

Parking: Feel free to park at the Gilmanton School, Lou Lane, or in the Gilmanton Year-Round Library parking lot if it’s not open.

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