Sherman's Farm, Conway

Sherman's Farm, Conway

2679 East Conway Road Conway, New Hampshire 03813

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Sherman Farm is owned and operated by three generations of the Sherman family with the fourth generation waiting in the wings. Beginning in 1964 the farm started as a small dairy farm and evolved through the 70s and 80s growing fruits and vegetables to be sold at a farmer’s market and the farm. Al and Phyllis Sherman with the help of three daughters Cheryl, Kathy, and Debbie were very progressive in their time, diversifying out of necessity. Their farming knowledge enabled them to produce products the consumer wanted never hesitating to try something new. Growth was dictated by the customer base and as the times changed so did the niche market. Always at the forefront of their minds was producing a quality product, a product that looks beautiful and tastes great. Working with his family and a little hired help, the dairy expanded slowly.


  • Roadside viewing

  • Restrooms on site

  • Wheelchair accessible trail

  • Entrance fee

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Last updated November 14, 2023