Captina Creek Mainstem

Captina Creek Mainstem

Alledonia, Ohio 43902

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Captina Creek Birding Drive

About this Location

From Powhatan Point, continue west on OH-148 for approximately 12 miles. Turn left to continue south onto Belmont County Road 86 in Alledonia. The stop is located along Belmont County Road 86 just south of Captina Creek and the railroad.

Biological studies of Captina Creek and its tributaries, located in Belmont and Monroe counties, have revealed it as one of the best quality streams in Ohio. The mainstem of Captina Creek has scored the highest average fish diversity scores in the state, with fifty-six fish species sampled by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Additionally, average macroinvertebrate diversity scores place Captina Creek among the ten highest scoring watersheds in the state. Adding to its unique diversity, Captina Creek is home to the state endangered Eastern Hellbender salamander and it is one of only a few watersheds in Ohio where successful reproduction in the past decade has been documented. The watershed also supports a healthy smallmouth bass fishery and an abundance of other wildlife in its forested habitat. The Captina Creek Birding Trail is intended to promote the Creek as an exceptional natural resource in the state and help promote conservation awareness, recreation, and tourism in Belmont County.

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